Using youtube – Examples

I have been using youtube videos frequently in classes. I find some of the videos, especially the ones from news stations extremely useful when trying to find video content for any given topic. Two videos that deal with the topic of teenage inhalants (drugs) that are short and can be used to stimulate discussion are the following two:

PSA Teenage Inhalants

Video URL:

The first one is a 60 second educational PSA regarding the dangers of inhalant abuse. The PSA was produced alongside the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition. For more information on the topic the pages below can help generate material or exercises

13 ABC report teenage inhalants

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The second video is a 4 minute in-depth report by Ronnie Dahl from 13 ABC Action News in Toledo, Ohio, regarding teens and the dangers of inhalant abuse. I used it with the set of questions below and to stimulate discussion.

Video comprehension questions

  1. What do kids call getting high on computer duster?
  2. What are some of the products mentioned?
  3. Why are inhalants so popular with younger kids?
  4. What percentage of 8th graders use inhalants?
  5. What is dangerous about inhalants?
  6. What is said about the Williams family?
  7. What are some signs of using inhalants?

Vocabulary: To get a buzz

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