COP 15

I did a lesson on COP15 with my students; basically a combination of the rather pathetic opening film, a webquest and a results page from The NY Times.

It went surprisingly well. Surprisingly, because the issue did manage to capture the students‘ interest. I posted the webquest as a web page on Moodle and had the students compile the answers in a forum post. Among other things they had to find specific information in a study (graphs + figures), a FAQ page and various short media bits. We watched the short opening film together. In another group I had the students watch the film individually , which did cause some streaming problems. Level: B1+

Follow up: NYT highlights

Webquest questions

1. What is COP15? What does the name stand for?

2. Dates, location and number of participating countries of the COP15?

3. What did the BBC poll ask about? What did it find out? (1 finding)  Link to poll

4. What is the plea in this short opening statement? Link to statement

5. Climate e-mails ‚don’t change anything‘ What does this headline refer to?

6. What is

7. According to this earthtimes article, which countries show the biggest concern for climate change and why? Link to article

8.What is the opening video about? (Link to video)

[dailymotion id=xbf3b4]

Please Help the World – COP15 Opening Film