TPR – after all

…for classes between 3 and 5 in the afternoon, when everyone’s zonked out or really dead.

Mime Role Plays

These are also a lot of fun for adult students! Give each student a role to act out but tell one of them that they’ve lost their voice. Tell this student what situation he or she has to act out, but don’t tell the other student what it is. For example:
Student A – You need to find a pharmacy and you ask someone for directions. You have lost your voice, and you can’t say a word.
Student B – You will be stopped in the street by someone who needs directions, but this person can’t speak, so you must interpret their gestures to find out where they need to go.



Simon says…

Show me your teeth.
Show me your tongue.
Put a finger on your tongue.
Put a finger on one tooth.
Put your hands on your cheeks.
Touch your forehead.
Touch your left eyebrow.
Touch your right eyebrow.
Put a finger on your lips.
Show me your teeth.
Touch your left eyebrow.
Put a hand on your neck.
Put a finger on your right cheek.
Touch your tongue.
Put your right hand on your forehead.
One last one: Past continuous mimes: