The future of Work

The future of work…what did the future of work look like ten years ago? What does it look like today? In this video activity students watch an older video presentation and take notes. In a follow-up activity they find out what the future of work looks like today. The students practice note taking with this activity.


Watch the video and take notes about the following three ideas:

  • According to the video the future of work is…
  • Pick three concepts from the video and write them down.
  • Pick three ideas from the video and comment on them.

Follow-up: Find a similar video that is more recent (ie. from the last two years) and compare how the future of work ideas has changed in the last ten years.

vocabulary: Find the words in an online dictionary (definition and sample sentence and copy them to your vocabulary table)

  • employee downtime
  • snail mail
  • innovation
  • merit
  • crowdsource
  • Paradigm
  • pattern