Going shopping with…

Go Shopping With Katerina Graham From The Vampire Diaries


Watch the video and take notes:

  1. What stores does Katharina go to?
  2. What kind of stores are they?
  3. What are some items of clothing that she presents?
  4. List idiomatic language that she uses (e.g. to throw on)



  1. What goes around comes around: Vintage store
  2. Armani Exchange: Fancy store
  3. French Connection: Casual wear

Clothes presented:

  1. Shoulder dress
  2. Strapless dresses
  3. Studded accessories
  4. Bowtie
  5. Converse shoes
  6. A simple sweater

 Idiomatic language:

  1. To throw something on
  2. Cozy: comfortable
  3. To go wrong with: you could never be mistaken with
  4. To hold on to something: To keep something/ to hold something
  5. To put things together in your mind: to organize
  6. Flirty/flirtatious: nice