Listening exercise: Accommodation

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This is an activity from which I rewrote as a short answer question in order to make the activity compliant with the SRDP activities

The original online activity is a multiple choice exercise and can be found at

Accommodation: Questions and key

  1. Why is Marcel calling the lady?
  2. When should students arrange their accommodation for September?
  3. Why can’t Marcel stay in university hall in September?
  4. What do most students do?
  5. Why doesn’t Marcel like the room on old road?
  6. What is wrong with the room on Edward Street?
  7. Where will Marcel probably look next?


  1. To sort out accommodation
  2. In January
  3. he will be a 2nd year student.
  4. Rent a room in a house
  5. It’s too far from the campus
  6. is too small and there are 6 students; no living room
  7. look for a private room/accommodation online on forum


  • task type: short answer questions
  • task numbers: 1
  • items: 7
  • Content topics: housing, accommodation